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Nearly everything here has been created using a scroll saw.  It's my tool of choice. I make these because I enjoy doing it. The Intarsia pieces tend to be quite detailed and do require anywhere from 20 - 40 hours to make with all the cutting, sanding and shaping. Some of the other projects are a bit less involved but still somewhat unique. Recently I've taken the rank of "SEMI RETIRED" and loving it. Having more time on my hands gives me the chance to spend much more time in the shop making all types of small wood items. Maybe there's something here that speaks just to you. Let me know if I can make something for you.                                                

                Tracy Watkins

Hello Friends

Just a short note from one concerned

citizen to another.

Keep the faith and follow  good health practices. With our Lords help, we'll get through this. Stay in touch with family and friends. (Safely of course) We are told to stay somewhat isolated but staying in touch will help take some of the sting out of it. Call, email, text but stay in touch. Chances are they are just as nervous as you and I. 

Like a lot  of others I've been laid off from my part time job. I find myself spending more time in the shop.  I have to believe we will have a Fall Show season and I hope to have a lot of pieces to show and hopefully sell. Looking to the future keeps me going. Find something to help you stay busy through this.

Take care, and Pray often.


Products Include

Unique Intarsia Wood Plaques  // Handmade Ornaments  // Interior and Exterior Signs 

//  Scroll Saw Clocks  // Custom Jewelry Boxes  // Much more...

intarsia giraffs
Intarsia love bird
Intarsia Amish Children
Wood Duck
Sunset Grill & Marina
Intarsia Barn
Country Farm
37" Intarsia Eagle
Unique Wood Gifts
Works of Art
Scroll Saw Classes available ! 
I can make it or teach you how !
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