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intarsia snowman and friend
intarsia santa and sleigh
intarsia rein deer
Intarsia cactus
small heron
Intarsia Sea Gull
Intarsia musical note
Intarsia squirrel and pumpkins
Intarsia Chickens
Intarsia Canadian  Geese
Intarsia Canadian Goose
Intarsia Canadian goose wings up
Intarsia wine glass
Intarsia Beagle on rug
Intarsia Owl
Intarsia wood Owl
flying intarsia eagle
Intarsia Striped Bass
Intarsia giraffs
Intarsia Wood Collie
Intarsia Goldfish
Intarsia Coral Reef
Intarsia Lion and Lamb
Intarsia St. Augustine Light House
intarsia blue jay
intarsia Bob White
Intarsia Wood Pecker
Intarsia Cardinal
Intarsia Gold Finch
Intarsia Blue Jay
Intarsia Pelican
Intarsia Golf
Intarsia Hay Barn
Intarsia Country Barn
Intarsia Farm
Intarsia Country Road
Intarsia Wildcat
Intarsia Bear Cub
Intarsia Raccoon Out on a limb
Intarsia Buck
Intarsia Frog
Intarsia Gray Squirrel
Intarsia Stallion
Intarsia Horse Shoe
Intarsia Horse
Intarsia Mule
Intarsia Eagle
Intarsia Great Horned Owl
Intarsia Eagle
Intarsia Blue Heron
Intarsia Malard Duck
Intarsia Cardinal
Intarsia Cardinal on Dogwood
Intarsia Pelican
Intarsia Crappie
Intarsia Bass
Intarsia Redheart Apple
Intarsia Amish Children
Intarsia Bride and Groom


Intarsia Wood Work


intarsia: 1) a mosaic of wood fitted and glued into a wooden support popular in 15th century Italy for decoration;  

This art form has been regaining popularity since the 1970's due to the efforts and talent of artist

Judy Gale Roberts

Her work has inspired artist all over the world.  See her story at


The Process

When I'm working on a project various types of wood are used for their color or interesting grain patterns.  I prefer NOT to use stains on my Intarsia, opting to use the true natural color of the wood to achieve the look I'm going for, then a clear finish is applied to each project to make those colors pop.


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